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Chris Sale is not pitching in the World Baseball Classic, according to everyone’s favorite Midwestern-centric storybreaker, Jon Morosi.

It’s amusing to see that the White Sox adamant managing of the message concerning Chris Sale’s health is already in mid-season form. Sale wore down throughout his big jump in workload season in 2012, requiring frequent rests, and experiencing elbow tenderness, so it’s only prudent to make sure he can get through an MLB season undaunted before they start adding to it.

From a more zoomed-out perspective, I can imagine developing some interest down the road for the results of the World Baseball Classic, but I can’t imagine it ever being as ingrained as my interest in the White Sox. There’s simply too much of a head start.

With still fresh 2012 memories of Konerko wearing down over the season, everyone pulling their abdominal muscles from swinging, Alex Rios never getting a day off, and the fact that an MLB season is a marathon that tests the endurance and depth of every team, it’s hard to ever be thrilled at the prospect of a White Sox major leaguer in the World Baseball Classic.

Danks’ recovery

John Danks is reportedly on schedule with his rehab at the latest check-in. It’s not an intriguing checkpoint in his recovery like ‘Danks is rifling 93 mph fastballs off the mound‘, but he’s finished his long-toss program, and there’s plenty of video of him throwing in sweatpants in a parking lot on CSN if you’re exceptionally hard-up for baseball action. Come to think of it, that might be the main appeal of the WBC.

Everyone complains about athletes being overpaid and not invested, so why not include these self-flagellating quotes from Danks:

"“I felt like I was a waste of money last year to put it lightly,” Danks said. “I didn’t do my job. I hurt the team more than I helped the team and that bugs me a little bit, a lot of bit. I want to get back to being a guy that is counted on, thought to be able to take the ball every fifth day and give us a chance to win.”"

Danks at least cares enough to know that he should say things indicating that he cares.

No significant additions have been made to the 2013 roster since we last checked

No significant additions have been made to the 2013 roster since we last checked.

Nice things

White Sox front office members Dennis Gilbert and Dave Yoakum and former GM Roland Hemond have been running a charity to help baseball scouts in need for the last 10 years, and have raised over $4 million. Dan Hayes has a more extensive profile.

Other than that, there has been fascinatingly little news. We’re coming very close to the point of just writing a post about me clicking through all the ads on the site.

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