Southpod Showcast! – 2.19.13


Feel free to listen to the show on the site, or download the mp3 audio file. Today’s episode contains the briefest moments of adult language (sorry, Mom), frequent use of the term “we” in reference to the team (sorry, journalism), Nick comparing Carlos Quentin to a unicorn, and Kevin saying “Gene Honda” in a perfect Chicago accent.

Podcast Outline

Offseason Recap

  • Peavy re-signing
  • Hector The Gentleman
  • Addison Reed, what are you doing?

PECOTA, Vegas predictions, White Sox outperforming expectations and our own

  • Perpetual mediocrity
  • Hahaha Indians
  • We forget to mention the Wilder scandal as a transformative event
  • Reinsdrof didn’t like accelerating prices for amateurs
  • I say “win total”, it sounds like “win cuddle”. Awwwww.

Spring Training Stories

What games are you going to?

  • Opening Day memories
  • New York is expensive

Nick asks for ideas for a new twitter handle

  • Kevin offers a helpful tip
  • Matt and I do not
  • Suggestions from you?