Jesse Crain Still Hurtin’


We’ve seen this movie before. Jesse Crain has a nagging injury, is missing time, and will be back any day now. Dealing with an adductor sprain, Crain has been unable to participate in most of the Spring Training fun, appearing in only one game so far. When he declined an invitation to pitch for Team Canada, it wasn’t a problem for Sox fans. Save the arm, don’t push it if you’re not feeling great, but I think most folks considered it precautionary and we’d be able to see Jesse throw some pitches in a meaningless game any day now.

Yet still we wait…

He is now making “vows” that he’ll be ready to throw by opening day. In his defense, it’s not an arm injury, he’s been able to throw bullpens and keep loose. He just can’t push off for full extension with his right leg. So he should be able to kick the whole operation up to game ready in no time at all, right? Right?!

In Spring 2012, Crain had a strained oblique, and missed a chunk of camp trying to recover. Flash forward a month, after recovery and into regular season games, Crain was unavailable for a few games before being put on the DL. This time allegedly the other oblique was injured while doing some cool down work in the weight room. The Sox spent that time missing the bullpen depth he added though a perceived silver lining could be getting some mileage for the rookie arms that carried a heavy load as the season wore on.

The takeaway? Crain is used to answering these questions, and he’s used to listening to his body and figuring out when he’s ready to go full bore. It would also be a shame to be without his services for an extended amount of time, granting innings to the likes of Brian Omogrosso unnecessarily. It’s something to be concerned about, but if Jesse Crain says he can be ready in time for the season to begin, we don’t really have a choice but to believe him, do we?