Southpod Showcast! – Episode 3.29.13 – The eve of Opening Day


Our long regional nightmare is over, the Southpod Showcast!!!–the one and only podcast associated with this blog–is back in action in time for Opening Day!

A lot has happened since the last episode on March 7 and our esteemed writing staff of Matt Adams (@2013WhiteSox), Nick Schaefer (@n_schaef), Kevin Wallace (@kwallace23) and yours truly (@JRFegan) discussed them all

Chris Sale‘s extension
John Danks‘ extension in the current context where he’s a wounded shell of himself
Alex Rios‘ back and the way the White Sox staff management discusses injuries
Dayan Viciedo and Tyler Flowers‘ battles to develop
-The final roster spots
-Making fun of the fact that I picked Giancarlo Stanton No. 2 overall in a full-league fantasy draft

There’s 10 minutes of silence at the end of the file. Not sure why! Can’t get rid of it at the moment and trying to get this sucker up. But it’s a 70-minute episode. It can be streamed here, downloaded as an MP3 file from the link above or acquired through itunes under the name “Southpod Showcast.” Rate and review, itunes users!

Thanks and Happy Baseball, guys and gals!