Can Axelrod Keep On Keepin’ On? – Lineups 5/4


Dylan Axelrod has not given up the same amount of earned runs in any of his 5 starts this year, yet all but one were very similar. Couple of runs, 6 innings, not a ton of strikeouts. This sort of consistency wasn’t expected, and at this point isn’t expected to be sustained for all that much longer. He’s essentially turned into Gavin Floyd without the extremes. Which kind of works out seeing as how there may no longer be a Gavin Floyd. No, “oh my, Dylan’s really got it tonight,” but just more frequent, “this…this will work.” While he can keep bringing what he’s bringing he still works as the 5th starter…hm? Oh. 4th starter. I’m really going to need Jake Peavy back because I’d hate to edit that to 3rd starter.

We’ve talked about Jeremy Guthrie. Lots last year and even already this year. The White Sox were his first 2013 opponent, and if I remember correctly I spoke about the Sox’ opportunity to turn his luck around, since they seemed to have jumpstarted it last season. That didn’t exactly happen, in fact, it stands as arguably his best start this season. He hasn’t exactly struggled since then. The Royals are 4-1 in games that he’s started and he carries an ERA of 3.06 into the day.

Today’s Lineup:

1.De Aza – LF
2.Keppinger – 2B
3.Rios – RF
4.Dunn – 1B
5.Konerko – DH
6.Gillaspie – 3B
7.Alexei – SS
8.Flowers – C
9.Wise – CF

Kansas City Royals Lineup:

1.Alex Gordon – LF
2.Alcides Escobar – SS
3.Billy Butler – DH
4.Eric Hosmer – 1B
5.Lorenzo Cain – CF
6.Mike Moustakas – 3B
7.Jeff Francoeur – RF
8.Salvador Perez – C
9.Chris Getz – 2B

So far the rain isn’t supposed to start back up until 9pm, and a healthy White Sox lead by then would be just fine by me.

Where to Watch
Today’s White Sox game can be watched on WGN for the Chicago area and on Fox Sports KC in the appropriate areas. 6:10 start time.