2013 White Sox: Disproportionately Frustrating


(Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports)
This has been a frustrating season for White Sox fans. It’s never fun rooting for an anemic offense. And perhaps it’s even more frustrating because the White Sox have been pitching quite well, meaning it’s pretty clear where the losses are coming from. White Sox fans are awfully familiar with watching a pitcher give up two runs and thinking, “Well, there’s the game.”

Oddly, though, that isn’t the only source of frustration so far in 2013. The White Sox pitching has only rarely given way, but when they have they have picked really awful times to do it. After all, who cares how many runs you give up if you’re going to get shut out anyway? But when your offense finally does do well, the pitching staff, which did so well in those losses, decides to take the night off…and it’s vexing as a fan.

We are 33 games into the season. The White Sox have scored 5 or more runs 11 times so far this season, but they are only 6-5 in those games. That’s because the White Sox pitching staff – which has only allowed 5 or more runs 11 times – has managed to sync those up with their rare offensive outbursts.

The White Sox are 14-19 with a run differential of -14 with the loss last night to the Angels. With that run differential, the White Sox “should” have won…14.66 games. So, in that sense they aren’t that unlucky. In terms of the experience as a fan, however, it’s extremely frustrating.

As it stands, the White Sox offense is 29th or 30th in baseball, depending on what you think is important. That really renders most other analysis of the team irrelevant. The team is on pace – by run differential or just by their current record – to win between 68-72 games, the worst they’ve been since 2007. I’m seeing “Alex Rios: Trade Candidate” articles on MLB Trade Rumors and Keith Law saying that the White Sox should probably blow it up and rebuild. I don’t foresee things changing dramatically for this roster, but unless they do I am inclined to agree.