Let’s Not Do This Losing Thing Anymore – Lineups 6/4


The White Sox are in the midst of 7 game losing streak. 7 games. The White Sox are 7 games under .500. 7 games. 7 games is a lot. Over that span they’ve managed a total of 11 runs and it hasn’t been pretty to watch. The White Sox are somehow only 6 games out of first place. It’s true! For a team looking the way the Southsiders are looking, 6 games is a lot too. Jake Peavy, Chicago turns their lonely eyes to you.

The more games the White Sox lose, the more Jake Peavy’s starts begin to look like auditions. Even his agent would agree that he bombed his last audition. 6 runs in 4 innings against an unimpressive Cubs ballclub doesn’t go very far towards exhibiting your skills, much less getting your team a win. He didn’t have his good stuff, but the low pitch count that resulted should allow the bulldog some extra slack from Ventura should he find himself with a heavy workload later in the game.

Felix Hernandez isn’t auditioning for anything, he’s just really good. His skills are never in question. It all looks extremely easy to the King. He’s got a small handful of not-so-great starts this year that have dragged his ERA all the way up to 2.38 and one of them came against the White Sox. There was a period of time when the White Sox actually did exceed 3 runs on occasion, and they put up 4 against Hernandez at The Cell in April. To ask the White Sox we’ve been watching over the past week might be a lot to ask, but how about with Gordon Beckham in the 2-hole?!

Today’s Lineup:

1.De Aza – LF
2.Beckham – 2B
3.Gillaspie – 3B
4.Rios – RF
5.Konerko – 1B
6.Dunn – DH
7.Ramirez – SS
8.Danks – CF
9.Flowers – C

Seattle Mariners Lineup:

1.Endy Chavez – RF
2.Jason Bay – LF
3.Kyle Seager – 3B
4.Kendrys Morales – 1B
5.Raul Ibanez – DH
6.Nick Franklin – 2B
7.Michael Saunders – CF
8.Jesus Sucre – C
9.Brendan Ryan – SS

Where to Watch
Today’s game will be broadcast on CSN and ROOT Sports. 9:10 Central start time.