Wha? Why is it this early? What’s going on? WHO ARE YOU? – Lineups & Preview 7/11


What? What’s going on? Didn’t they just play a game like three hours ago? What sort of madness is this? Are they trying to shuffle the Sox out of town without anyone noticing? The White Sox will not just be ignored!

White Sox lineup

1. Alejandro De Aza – CF
2. Alexei Ramirez – SS
3. Alex Rios – RF
4. Adam Dunn – 1B
5. Jeff Keppinger – DH
6. Conor Gillaspie – 3B
7. Dayan Viciedo – LF
8. Gordon Beckham – 2B
9. Josh Phegley– C

Chris Sale, SP

After 16 runs in two games, the White Sox have found stability once more. They have their built-in lineup, and a rotation of catchers who may or may not be able to survive in the major leagues. Also, Jeff Keppinger–brought on for the fact that he could hit not-terrible at a number of thankless infield position–is hitting DH, and might be for some time. Sturdy as an ox, this lineup.

Detroit Tigers lineup

1. Austin Jackson – CF
2. Torii Hunter – RF
3. Miguel Cabrera – 3B
4. Prince Fielder – 1B
5. Victor Martinez – DH
6. Jhonny Peralta – SS
7. Matt Tuiasosopo – LF
8. Brayan Pena – C
9. Hernan Perez – 2B

Anibal Sanchez, SP

For most of the first half, Sanchez was a horrifying, unrecognizably hyper-dominant version of himself. It wasn’t until mid-June that he did something familiar–go on the DL. Last Saturday was his first start since returning, and he gave up one run in five innings while on a limited pitch count. That pitch count should be in the 90-100 range today.

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