Jake Peavy returns, huslting is encouraged – Lineups & Preview 7/20


Jul 19, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago White Sox center fielder Alejandro De Aza (30) runs to first base after hitting a bunt during the sixth inning at U.S. Cellular Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If nothing else, Alex Rios boiled down the internal conflict inherent in the White Sox current existence into a single play. No current initiative has as much long-term significance for the organization as making the most of their opportunity to trade assets at the peak of the deadline market, but at what point must that goal still yield to larger responsibility of being a professional baseball organization?Players, and certainly Alex Rios, getting reminded tersely by their managers that they cannot let frustration be an impediment to their effort level is certainly the type of thing that rightly happens in professional baseball organizations all the time. Whether or not the White Sox can coax Rios into being all he can be is certainly an issue that’s becoming irrelevant, but upholding the clubhouse ideal that the manager’s standards for play are not voluntary or conditional is not. If Robin Ventura doesn’t feel like he can make examples of players who jog their team out of an inning, he probably won’t feel comfortable doing much of anything.

And still, goodnes gracious, the timing.

Rios’ continued discontent after the game only heightened any perceptions of petulance that his getting benched might hint at. We can only trust that pro scouting departments across the league are every bit as elite as they are so often romanced as, and have completely captured the mercurial mystery that is Rios already, so that more than one side of this 198-sided die of a man. Also, he’s batting third and maybe he’ll hit a few dingers today.

White Sox lineup

1. Alejandro De Aza – CF
2. Alexei Ramirez – SS
3. Alex Rios – RF
4. Dayan Viciedo – LF
5. Jeff Keppinger – 1B
6. Casper Wells – DH
7. Gordon Beckham – 2B
8. Josh Phegley – C
9. Brent Morel – 3B

Jake Peavy, SP

Meanwhile, Jake Peavy is making his first start after spending six weeks on the disabled list for breaking a rib. If you can remember, Peavy only got slotted on the disabled list after trying to pitch through the pain that comes with having a broken rib and getting shelled by the Mariners. It jacked up his ERA to 4.30, and now every trade rumor publication is talking about him as a No. 3 starter. The Alex Rios, Lolligaggerepisode has nothing onJake Peavy, ‘BUBBA’S NOT FEELING SO HOT, BOYS’ in the hall of Great White Sox Moments in Blown Trade Value.

Atlanta Braves Lineup

1. Jose Constanza – CF
2. Chris Johnson – 3B
3. Justin Upton – RF
4. Freddie Freeman – 1B
5. Brian McCann – DH
6. Evan Gattis – C
7. Dan Uggla – 2B
8. Andrelton Simmons – SS
9. Joey Terdoslavich – LF

Paul Maholm, SP

The Braves are still missing two-thirds of their starting outfield and just filling in the blanks with the funniest names they could think of.

Where to Watch: Fox owns this game and is interested in acquiring other things you enjoy. 3:05 pm.