Who Needs Wins, Anyway? – Game Preview and Lineups 8/2


The White Sox weren’t always complete and total losers. No sir. As pointed out just today by Cee Angi, woman behind the curtain on the Sad Baseball Stats Twitter account, the White Sox were even in first place for a bit this year! Sure it was just for a week and started with Opening Day, but they were there, right? Oh you want something more recent. Understood. Well it was only a little more than a week ago that they beat the Tigers 7-4. The same Tigers they are about to play tonight. Seems to me that it’s pretty clear the Sox should have no problem handling them again. Right, yes, I suppose they did drop 3 straight to the Tigers before that victory. Well, um, they’re due.

The best chance at shutting down a losing streak just gave up 5 runs yesterday afternoon. The second best chance will be starting for the Red Sox tomorrow. Hector Santiago, though, he ain’t so bad. Hector hasn’t been involved in a win since June, but he also hasn’t given up more than 3 earned runs since then. In fact, he’s averaged 2 earned runs a game over his last 5 starts. Earned runs don’t mean a ton on a team that’s committed 76 errors this season. The White Sox .981 fielding percentage puts them in a four-way tie for 4th worst in the league. Having been watching this team over the course of the season it’s fairly alarming that there are so many teams with fielding issues as bad or worse than theirs. Santiago’s last couple starts have also seen a return of his control issues, as he’s passed out 9 walks in his last 2 games. As usual, if he can keep those down, he’s got a chance.

Doug Fister is the only Tigers starter that the White Sox didn’t face last series. He’s been good, effectively in line with his career average performance-wise. He’s been stingy lately, giving up just 3 earned runs in his last 3 starts, and went 8 innings in a 3-hit performance against Philadelphia in his most recent go.

Today’s Lineup:

1. De Aza – CF
2. Alexei – SS
3. Rios – RF
4. Dunn – 1B
5. Konerko – DH
6. Keppinger – 3B
7. Viciedo – LF
8. Beckham – 2B
9. Phegley – C

Conor Gillaspie gets a sit despite the right hander on the mound, likely due to being 1 for his last 15. Of course, Keppinger is 3 for his last 18 but, you know, whatever.

Detroit Tigers Lineup:

1. Austin Jackson – CF
2. Torii Hunter – RF
3. Miguel Cabrera – 3B
4. Prince Fielder – 1B
5. Victor Martinez – DH
6. Jhonny Peralta – SS
7. Matt Tuiasosopo – LF
8. Brayan Pena – C
9. Jose Iglesias – SS

Where to Watch: CSN Chicago and Fox Sports-Detroit