Here comes some baseball already, hope you brought snacks – Lineup & Preview 9/2


I didn’t find it out last night, but certainly had it reiterated to me during the Yanks Go Yard podcast that Matt an I appeared on, that Yankees fans hate Phil Hughes. Imagine your irritation with Gavin Floyd, then imagine if Gavin Floyd was actually as bad as he’s characterized as being, then imagine if you, the reader, were from New York and a bit more uptight about everything and took poor performance more as a personal insult because everything is always about you.

That’s the Yankees fan base and Phil Hughes.

So naturally, Hughes has a 1.38 ERA against the Sox for his career in 39.1 innings, Sox batters are hitting .182/.221/.241 against him with one home run in 146 plate appearances. Not that these numbers are especially predictive, but if you were to wonder “Hmm, I know Phil Hughes is bad, but I can’t recall the Sox ever touching him up,” it’s because the Sox have only been massacred by him in horrifying fashion. Good job blocking that out.

White Sox Lineup:

1. Alejandro De Aza – LF
2. Gordon Beckham – 2B
3. Alexei Ramirez – SS
4. Adam Dunn – 1B
5. Paul Konerko – DH
6. Avisail Garcia – CF
7. Conor Gillaspie – 3B
8. Jordan Danks – RF
9. Josh Phegley – C

Jose Quintana, SP

The Yankees are only 3.5 games out of the second wild card spot, so this offers a unique opportunity to horribly ruin their playoff hopes while rubbing the Jose Quintana debacle in their faces again. Can’t go around passing up these situations up.

Yankees Lineup:

1. Brett Gardner – CF
2. Derek Jeter – SS
3. Robinson Cano – 2B
4. Alfonso Soriano – LF
5. Alex Rodriguez – 3B
6. Vernon Wells – DH
7. Curtis Granderson – LF
8. Mark Reynolds – 1B
9. Austin Romine – C

Phil Hughes, SP

Where to Watch: 12:05 pm CT on CSN, YES and MLB Network