White Sox add Carlos Sanchez and Trayce Thompson to the 40-man roster


Casual bunt stance. // Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday was the last day to add players to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft, and with a list of middling not-quite-prospects-but-possible-bench-guys to consider, the White Sox ignored all of them and protected their prospects.

And then they added 25 year-old reserve shortstop Jake Elmore off waivers from the Astros. Chris Curley has to just be stewing after this.

2B/SS Carlos Sanchez (who I mistakenly failed to realize had passed through his five years since his contract on account of his still being 21 years-old) and OF Trayce Thompson were added to the 40-man along with Elmore, to bring the total up to 39.

These are not really actions that indicate a team feeling the squeeze for space. Elmore has the ability to take a walk in the major leagues and ‘coach’s son’ levels of multi-position versatility, but might as well be Angel Sanchez II in terms of future impact.

Any major league team would have be drunk on engine coolant to try to stick Thompson or Sanchez on a major league roster, but they’re prospects the Sox actually care about who have exhausted their protected years, so the Sox are protecting them; a conservative and pragmatic formality. It’s charming in ts own way.

Meanwhile, Large Men in their Mid-20’s Who Are Dominant Double-A Hitters Andy Wilkins and Dan Black will remain available. Wilkins, being left-handed and a year younger (25 to Black’s 26 years on Earth), is the more appealing target, but when it comes to the Rule 5 draft, always expect less excitement.

The White Sox will have the third pick in the Rule 5 draft.

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