Quick Hacks: Hawk & Stoney’s Sabermetric Adventure


It was less than a year ago that Hawk Harrelson’s close minded stance on Sabermetrics and opinion of the movie and book Moneyball were addressed on national television by mainstream SABR poster boy Brian Kenny. His refusal to acknowledge that any sort of new thought carries merit is either melting away or his hand is being forced by his employers as we have word that 2014 White Sox broadcasts will feature more sabermetrics. It doesn’t take much to get to that “more” status. The Hawk and Stoney broadcast team is close to bringing up the rear with advanced analysis in a profession that lags behind the baseball community. Comcast Sports Net, who carries most Sox games throughout the year also air a large amount of Cubs games, and with Len Kasper at the helm of their broadcasts they’re no strangers to sabermetrics finding their way into play-by-play presentations. The folks behind the scenes of CSN broadcasts are knowledgeable enough to make even Hawk look enlightened from time to time.

Chicago White Sox television announcer Ken Harrelson. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

Moving from the peripherally interesting to theoretic news, Jim Thome, current Special Assistant to the General Manager, has expressed interest in one day managing. What better team to flex your managing muscles with than the White Sox? Ozzie Guillen. Robin Ventura. We as a fan base are developing a complex as the organization searches for ways to make us hate our childhood heroes. May as well not skip a generation.

From the theoretic to the really, really, important, Adam Dunn has a buddy by the name of Joe Newcomb. Joe is a fledging movie producer and recently produced something of note called Dallas Buyers Club. The Big Donkey has a small cameo role as a bartender and as such has been invited to the Oscars. He’s got Ventura’s blessing but he’s still tossing the idea of attendance around. Seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity, but then maybe he’s got his eye on multiple film roles after he’s swung and missed at his last pitch.

It’s unlikely your Tuesday would feel right without getting caught up on your Brent Morel news. The former South Side third bagger was recently claimed off of waivers by the Blue Jays, who were evidently planning on using him at second base. Canadian baseball fans were spared the sight when Toronto claimed Liam Hendricks and designated Morel for assignment to make room. He’s now been claimed by the Pirates and will be added to their 40-man getting himself another shot at big league ball. Morel’s back problems make that unlikely as hitters with those types of injuries are rarely able to regain previous levels of performance. When you take into account Morel’s previous level of performance…good luck Buccos.