White Sox to Keep Winning Ugly Look with 2014 Alternates


Good news from the marketing department. After 2 years of alternate jersey Sundays celebrating anniversaries of memorable White Sox teams of yore, an announcement has been made for 2014:

The fans liked them, the players seemed to enjoy them, even baseball fans outside of the White Sox world seemed to approve for the most part. Obviously everybody isn’t in love with them, but the fact that enough people expressed approval for the White Sox to buy-in and open themselves up to extra jersey and hat sales is a good thing.

Speaking of hats, the lid for the alternates will not be in the 1983 style as they wore last season. Instead the wordless batter logo will adorn the caps. If my slavery to hat style is an indication of anybody else’s behavior, the Sox will see a few extra bucks as result of this move.

Per the always helpful Dan Hayes once again, the black alternate jerseys are not making their exit. I hope nobody folds under the pressure of choosing…