2014 Chicago White Sox Postseason Awards

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Best Announcer

Steve Stone (TV analyst)

This was a unique vote, as it involved both the television and radio broadcasts of the White Sox. The winner with half the votes was Stone, as the former Cy Young Award winner shined above the rest.

Nobody on the Southside Showdown staff voted for Ken Harrelson. Even though I’m one of the folks who enjoy “Hawk” for the most part, I could go without hearing about his past Boston Red Sox teammates basically every broadcast.

There was one no vote and one for White Sox radio play-by-play announcer Ed Farmer.

As for Stone, he kept the broadcasts on track, while giving important information to the viewer that mattered in the game or series. One negative on Stone was his lack of excitement on a home run call this year that was maybe the most lax home run call of the season.

Still, I can’t argue Stone wasn’t the best White Sox announcer of ’14. He does a very professional job, and does his job the right way, where he makes it about the game and the players on the field.

This was the fourth season that Stone has announced broadcasts for the Chicago White Sox, as he’s announced baseball for over 25 seasons.