Why Adam Eaton Will Be an All-Star in 2015

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Aug 30, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago White Sox center fielder Adam Eaton (1) makes a leaping catch against the Detroit Tigers during the fourth inning at U.S Cellular Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Eaton: An integral piece of reshaping process

Based on those words from Hahn, few can argue that Eaton is an integral piece of this reshaping process. Last season, Eaton showed why by putting up a robust .300/.362/.401 line and playing defense that made him a Gold Glove finalist in centerfield.

In ’15, I expect him to add an all-star appearance to his resume and have reason to believe it won’t be too tall a task for the 5-8 outfielder.

The idea of Adam Eaton stealing 0ver 40 bases is tantalizing, considering what else he brings to the table.

Eaton ran into a wall (literally) regarding injuries last season, and as a result missed nearly 40 games. His hamstring injury was the most detrimental because Eaton’s legs are such a vital component of his game. With a generally healthy ’15, and newfound base-stealing instruction from base running coach Vince Coleman, Eaton should see a spike in his steal totals, as last season he finished with 15 stolen bases.

The White Sox lead-off batter has the raw speed to be a force on the basepaths and per The Chicago Tribune’s Colleen Kane he has high goals for 2015

"Eaton was successful on 15 of 24 stolen base attempts during the 2014 season, though he said Saturday leg injuries hindered him. Eaton said he was aiming for 40 stolen bases this season before learning he would be working with Coleman, and so he will now aim higher."

The idea of Eaton stealing over 40 bases is tantalizing, considering what else he brings to the table. I think it’s reasonable to expect Eaton could steal between 30-40 bases in ’15 as long as he stays healthy, though Baseball Prospectus has Eaton at 16 steals for’15.

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