2015 MLB Power Rankings: Yankees, Pirates back in the top 10

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Jun 6, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen (22) celebrates with third baseman Josh Harrison (5) after hitting a home run against the Atlanta Braves in the fourth inning at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Cardinals. 1. team. 33. This season continues to be the St. Louis Cardinals and everyone else in the NL. They are the only team in their league who has a winning record against every NL division.. 38-19. Previous: 1st

2. team. 135. The Houston Astros return at number two and will be the team everyone has their eyes on this week. They have called up one of baseball’s best prospects in <strong><a href=. 34-24. Previous: 2nd. Houston Astros

team. 2. The Minnesota Twins remain at the top of the AL Central for another week. Just like the Cardinals, they are the only AL team with winning record against every AL division.. 33-23. Previous: 3rd. Minnesota Twins. 3

San Francisco Giants. 4. team. 40. The San Francisco Giants have the hottest 1-2 punch in baseball in <strong><a href=. 32-26. Previous: 5th

5. team. 71. <strong><a href=. 32-25. Previous: 6th. Los Angeles Dodgers

6. team. 7. The Kansas City Royals haven’t won a series in two weeks. While many believe they will still be the eventual winners of the AL Central, that is more a knock on the Twins than a vote of confidence.. 31-23. Previous: 4th. Kansas City Royals

Pittsburgh Pirates. 7. team. 4. Cole and Burnett are a combined 10-1 in their last 11 starts. The return of <strong><a href=. 31-25. Previous: 12th

43. I have a hard time believing the Yankees starting rotation is good enough to win them the AL East. Both <strong><a href=. 32-25. Previous: 15th. New York Yankees. 8. team

The Chicago Cubs have struck gold in the resigning <strong><a href=. 30-25. Previous: 10th. Chicago Cubs. 9. team. 9

10. team. 90. After setting the baseball world on fire in May, the Nationals have hit a rough patch in June. With the return of <strong><a href=. 30-27. Previous: 2-5nd. Washington Nationals

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