2015 MLB Power Rankings: Toronto Blue Jays demanding attention

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Jun 13, 2015; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Matt Belisle (37) pitches against the Kansas City Royals at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals are the first team to 40 wins and the only team in baseball that is 20 games over .500. There is potential adversity ahead as starter <strong><a href=. 41-21. Previous: 1st. St. Louis Cardinals. 1. team. 33

36-28. Previous: 2nd. Houston Astros. 2. team. 135. In order to maintain as the top team in the AL, the Astros have turned to rookies <strong><a href=

team. 71. Since returning from the DL, <strong><a href=. 37-26. Previous: 5th. Los Angeles Dodgers. 3

4. team. 7. Over the weekend, the Kansas City Royals starting rotation took a big hit. <strong><a href=. 34-25. Previous: 6th. Kansas City Royals

Previous: 7th. Pittsburgh Pirates. 5. team. 4. The Pittsburgh Pirates pitching has been damn good as of late. Their starters have baseball’s lowest ERA at 2.94 and their staff as a whole is second only to the Cardinals with a 2.83 ERA.. 35-27

The Yankees bullpen took a hit earlier this week with closer <strong><a href=. 34-28. Previous: 8th. New York Yankees. 6. team. 43

Previous: 11th. Tampa Bay Rays. 7. team. 21. As great as the Rays pitching has been this season, closer has been a bit inconsistent. Manager <strong><a href=. 35-29

Previous: 9th. Chicago Cubs. 8. team. 9. The Cubs are another team going through a shake up in the bullpen as <strong><a href=. 34-27

team. 39. The Blue Jays have scored 67 more runs than any other team in baseball this season. If they can add a top level starter before the trade deadline, the AL East is their for the taking.. 34-30. Previous: 17th. Toronto Blue Jays. 9

team. 2. The Twins offense has gone cold as of late. As a result, the team called up baseball’s top prospect <strong><a href=. 34-28. Previous: 3rd. Minnesota Twins. 10

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