Should the White Sox trade Jose Quintana?


If the Chicago White Sox end up trading starter Jose Quintana this winter, I think it would be a mistake. Much of that has to do with his contract, which makes him among the most valuable pitchers in baseball (in a trade).

The contract is a big bargaining chip for the White Sox assuming they do trade Quintana. Not to mention he has an ERA of 3.46 since joining the team in 2012, meaning he is at least a solid #3 starter.

There is one scenario in which I trade Quintana, that being if they get a young impact bat in return. Third base would be ideal, however any position is okay considering the fact that the White Sox could always turn around and trade the incumbent (if there is a starter already in place).

Catcher is also a good spot to upgrade as well, but it will be hard to acquire a young catcher with star ability. If a catcher has All-Star potential at the MLB level, I don’t think many teams would give him up.

Here is the one reason I would not trade Quintana. That is due to the fact that the White Sox have no legit #3 starters internally they could turn to.

Yes, I realize the fact that Erik Johnson could step in, or another pitcher could be brought in. But that would either cost dollars or prospects, something that would not be in the teams’ best interest over the long haul. One name that will be talked about over the next few years will be Carson Fulmer, but I doubt he will break camp with the team or be a legit #3 starter in 2016.

Overall, Quintana is a very valuable piece to any pitching staff for many reasons. First, he is a very good pitcher that is cost-effective. Second, and also just as important, he stays healthy and eats up innings.

However, I am not opposed to trading him altogether. If the right deal comes along and the White Sox want to move him, then go for it. It just can’t be a move where the team gets fleeced and looks back in three years regretting the deal. Quintana is a valuable trade chip, and should not be dealt without a big return.

The White Sox can win in 2016. They don’t have an aging roster, therefore a rebuild is not needed. However some changes need to be made and looking at all the options makes sense. With two new coaches on board, I would assume some new players will be coming in the next few weeks as well.