What is the biggest need for the White Sox this offseason?


The Chicago White Sox need to upgrade one main weakness this offseason: power. There is no way they can compete next season as the worst home run hitting team in the American League.

It won’t happen, as a team needs to be able to get back into the game with one swing of the bat. When Adam Eaton is among the team leaders in home runs, expect a losing season. Eaton may be a double-digit home run hitter, but should not be your secondary power source. What should they do to address this?

Sign a big time free agent.

With Yoenis Cespedes and Justin Upton on the market, it makes sense that we are hearing their names associated with the White Sox. While Avi Garcia is the current right fielder, he is also a tradable commodity. If the White Sox want to find a big bat on the market, they will likely have to look to the outfield. There isn’t much elsewhere that would help the team, or could fit into their plan.

Trade multiple prospects

There have been reports of pitchers Erik Johnson and Frankie Montas being on the block. I think both could bring back a solid return, and they may trade for an outfielder (Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies for example) and deal Garcia as I mentioned before.

Or, the team could deal Johnson and Montas for a third baseman and catcher in separate deals. I would expect the team to make a few deals this offseason. No inside information, just a hunch.

Make a blockbuster trade

With every offseason, comes Chris Sale trade rumors. While I don’t think that Sale will be dealt, it wouldn’t surprise me if the White Sox get involved in a three-team deal or two.

If the White Sox want to fix this, they will have to make bold moves. Might it take a lot of player movement to do that? Quite possibly, however I would be careful who I moved without a good return.

Just by looking at the team, there are a lot of holes. Since the core of the team is young, I don’t think they should throw away the future for 2016. However, I am against throwing away 2016 altogether.

Will the 2016 team have holes, absolutely. Since the team has some solid young prospects that can be moved, and some young players that could bring back a good return they are in a good spot.

Add in some mid-tier free agents and the team can fix a lot of their holes. The 2016 White Sox team will be far from perfect, but should be much improved from the 2015 version we saw.