What’s next for the Chicago White Sox?


Now that the Chicago White Sox have picked up Brett Lawrie from the Oakland Athletics, what is next for the South Siders? While Lawrie is a third baseman by trade, he has more than enough athleticism to play second base. I mention that due to the fact that there have been reports that they are looking at Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier. Here is a breakdown of potential options.

Todd Frazier (3B- Reds)

Frazier would be under team control for two more years, and shouldn’t be too expensive. I am talking about dollars when I say too expensive. Prospects on the other hand are a different story. Reports are saying that the Reds are asking for the White Sox top prospect in return (SS Tim Anderson) which could be a cause of concern (as far as an overpay). Frazier will cost a lot of prospects, but the question is would he be worth it?

Justin Upton (RF- Free agent)

The White Sox could sign Upton, however it would come at a cost. Not only would it cost them a lot of money, but a draft pick as well. I don’t think they want give up a draft pick (considering it would be a very high pick) however they have to weigh the cost. Upton is a legit talent, however he might not be worth a nine-figure contract.

Carlos Gonzalez (RF- Colorado Rockies)

While Upton is more physically gifted than Gonzalez, it is possible that Gonzalez would outperform him. However, a lot of that would have to do with Gonzalez’s health. I think that Gonzalez might be easier to acquire than Frazier (prospect wise), however my question is this: What happens if Gonzalez, who is making a large sum of money over the next two seasons can’t stay on the field? Gonzalez might be the biggest risk of these three, just due to the fact that he has a history of health problems. However, Gonzalez is still a legit star in right field if he is healthy.

While the White Sox could bring in any of these three (or none), there is no question that they want to add more offense. One question that needs to be answered is the status of DH Adam LaRoche. While GM Rick Hahn wants to move him, it will be hard considering the fact that he had a terrible 2015 and is owed $13 million this year. If they are to move LaRoche, my guess is that they will have to eat a good portion of the contract. All in all, expect the White Sox to add a middle of the order bat. Who will it be? Stay tuned.