Could the Chicago White Sox trade Trayce Thompson?


The Chicago White Sox are looking for a big bat, and may have to look into trading assets for it. With reports that teams were interested in outfielder Trayce Thompson at the Winter Meetings, the question is what could they get for him?

Personally, I don’t think Thompson is going to be the centerpiece of any major trade. If the White Sox are going to acquire a player such as Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier, I think Thompson could be included in the deal.

However, there is no way that he is going to be anything more than a complementary piece. Frazier is going to be a hard get for the White Sox, as they don’t want to give up Tim Anderson.

If the team is to sell high on Thompson, I am not sure exactly what they could get. Thompson is not a top prospect, however he does have a solid skill set. If there is a team that thinks they could get a solid player in return for Thompson, not to mention use Thompson as a major piece they should do it. The question is who would that be?

Since the White Sox are considering upgrading their middle infield, one player they should consider is Atlanta Braves shortstop Erick Aybar. While Aybar is not a major difference maker, he would provide a valuable role player for the White Sox.

Aybar could be used in the number two hole, not to mention would give the team a solid defensive presence up the middle. Aybar would also be a free agent at the end of 2016, meaning the White Sox could still bring up top prospect Tim Anderson at the start of 2017.

Thompson is going to be a tough player to get a big return from, however the fact that he still has upside could bring back something of value. The question is, what? I think that if they are going to move Thompson, it will be in a multi-player deal.

With the White Sox needing to upgrade the two spots in the lineup and one rotation spot (realistically), I wouldn’t be shocked to see both Thompson and Avisail Garcia dealt if a right fielder is acquired. Not necessarily in the deal to acquire the outfielder, but by the end of the offseason.

The White Sox still have some big deals to make, and have the payroll flexibility to do so. The question is, who will they bring in?