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Carlos Gonzalez: The Beats Headphones with a caveat

Sep 27, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies right fielder

Carlos Gonzalez

(5) waves to fans after the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Coors Field. The Rockies won 12-5. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Like Alex Gordon, Carlos Gonzalez also hits left-handed. Unlike Gordon, he brings a great deal of power with him. This is like if you had no way to listen to music at the office or on an airplane, but suddenly a brand new pair of glossy Beats Headphones drops in your lap and does just the trick.

That’s what Carlos Gonzalez is. Of course, he also comes with a caveat.

Beats Headphones are expensive and if you’re getting those, the stipulation is that your younger sister gets the bond from your grandfather.

Now this bond (the prospect package for CarGo) could be valuable some day…maybe even valuable enough that you could buy those Beats Headphones and more in a couple years.

Then again you kind of need the Beats Headphones to fill a need and you need them now rather than later. 

Your best friend (the Chicago Cubs with Heyward) got his own pair a couple weeks ago and you want to even the score a bit. That’s better than a bond, right?

Well it depends how much upside the bond has. I’d love to have Gonzalez’s .285/.337/.638 second half line, in which he also hit 27 home runs, but at what cost?

The Colorado Rockies are said to be asking for Jose Quintana. No thanks.

Carson Fulmer? No thanks.

I wanted to entice them with Erik Johnson, Frank Montas, and maybe a position prospect awhile back, but now Montas has gone to Hollywood.

I’m just not sure there’s a fit with the Rockies anymore.

Plus Gonzalez’s splits on the road and vs. lefties are troubling. That along with his dotted injury history is disconcerting.

Yeah, I want Beats Headphones but not if I have to forgo a potentially more valuable gift to get them. Also only getting to have the Beats for two years isn’t music to my ears, so how about a new puppy instead?

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