American League Power Rankings: Preseason Edition

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2. The Twins surprised most people in 2015 by posting an impressive 83-79 record, and finishing in second place in the AL Central behind only the eventual champion Kansas City Royals. <strong>2016 Outlook:</strong> If I had to pick one team to surprise people, or exceed expectations in 2016 it would be the Twins. A team that in the middle of a re-build finished in second place in 2015, has a solid young core of players including Byron Buxton, and Miguel Sano. While it is not likely that they will threaten to make a post season run this season, in an AL Central that will be a slugfest this season, the Twins could sneak into the playoffs via the Wild Card if a few teams fall below expectations. . (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. Minnesota Twins. 14. team