Are White Sox Buyers or Sellers at Trade Deadline?


White Sox fans and a large section of the media are advocating that it is time for the White Sox to make major changes. Will they be a buyer or seller at the trade deadline? The next six weeks will have a big impact on the direction of the White Sox.

There is a lot of buzz on the message boards, Facebook groups and other social media sites about what the White Sox should do at the trading deadline. A voluminous number of fans and media members advocate the White Sox tearing the team down and starting over. Those behind the idea to start over, cite the Cubs success at doing do.

When the Cubs began their rebuild a few years ago they were in a better position to blow the team up. Starlin Castro was their only All-Star in 2011. The White Sox have a better core to build from.

Todd Frazier made the All-Star team the last two years and won Home Run Derby last season. Jose Abreu made it as a rookie in 2014 and should have made it last year. Sale and Quintana would also have to be considered untouchable and close to it in any trade opportunities.

Sale is likely to make his fifth straight All-Star team this season and Quintana has a great chance to join him. The best organizations can rebuild without tearing the entire team down.

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Rebuilding on the fly is typically easier in the off-season. The question will be, where will the White Sox be at the trading deadline and how will they be playing. If they continue playing anywhere close to the way they have over the last month, it would be logical for them to be sellers.

If the White Sox are sellers who do they trade? Brett Lawrie, Melky Cabrera, and David Robertson seem to be possibilities. Could they get anything for Justin Morneau, Austin Jackson and/or James Shields?

If the White Sox are buyers, what do they need? Could they go after Brewers Catcher Jonathan Lucroy? Mark Polishuk said:

"“Teams like the Angels, Mariners, Tigers and White Sox could all use a catcher upgrade but are hamstrung by thin farm systems.”"

The other possibilities are bullpen help or another starter if Shields continues to struggle. They also need an outfielder after Austin Jackson was put on the 15 day disabled list over the weekend. Jackson will be out for six weeks with a meniscus tear.

They definitely need their star players to step up. Todd Frazier and Chris Sale have both struggled mightily in June.

Frazier is hitting .167 with three home runs and five rbi’s this month. Sale has a 6.57 era over the last two weeks with a .370 batting average against and 5.12 ERA over the last four weeks. If Sale and the White Sox offense continue to struggle Rick and Kenny Williams will have an easy decision.

Whether the White Sox are buyers sellers or stand pat, management will have some tough decisions. Rick Morrissey recently put it best in the Chicago Sun-Times.

"“Sometimes I think White Sox fans aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy. I know that’s a colossal generalization, but what can I say?”"

There seems to be a lot of dissension among the fanbase. They criticize owner Jerry Reinsdorf for being too cheap and criticize management for continuing to chase players past their prime. The additions of Jimmy Rollins and Mat Latos in the offseason and the recent trade for Shields and signing of Justin Morneau were seen as doing little.

In 1997 when the White Sox were 3.5 games behind Cleveland in third place at the trade deadline they moved three players for six prospects. It infamously became known as the White Flag Trade.

Fans were livid at the time. The criticism was that the White Sox gave up while they were still in the race. Southside Showdown took a look back at the White Flag Trade on June 13.

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The White Sox moves will be worth watching over the next six weeks.