White Sox need to contemplate exit strategy

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After a 23-10 start, the White Sox have gone 11-26 since. With the trade deadline six weeks away, the White Sox have to make a decision on the Direction of their future. Add veterans to the nucleus or is it time to completely rebuild?

Once per year, the President of the United States steps up to a microphone at the Capitol and addresses the country in his State of the Union Address.

It is time for the White Sox management to take a step back and examine the big picture? Is it time to examine what the 2016 season has brought with it and what may lie ahead? White Sox nation are as irked and fragmented as they have ever been.

Is this an organization that needs an unprecedented overhaul? Should the front office double down on its championship pursuit? One common denominator is growing apathy.

The apathy runs from the fans to the boardroom, and on down to the man in the dugout. This organization has the propensity to hang onto dead weight like it’s the family dog that can no longer move.

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