Ten Men White Sox Won’t Choose to Replace Robin Ventura

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(photo: Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE)
(photo: Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE) /

3) A.J. Pierzynski 

Pierzynski played eight seasons on the Southside. He hit 118 home runs, drove in 460 runs and hit .279. He averaged 133.5 games per season and was exceptional handling Cooper’s pitching staff.

He seems to be the favorite of the White Sox fanbase. This is the same fanbase that has slammed the White Sox front office from hiring within too often. If he wants to be a manager someday, Pierzynski has all the makings to be a great one. White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson (who admittedly overstates a lot) calls Pierzynski the smartest player he’s ever seen.

Robin Ventura ended his playing career after the 2004 season. Although he had no professional coaching, Ventura had eight years of separation from the end of his playing career to the beginning of his managerial career.

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