White Sox: Front Office Needs To Get On Same Page


 Rumors state White Sox front office in disagreement over rebuilding before trading deadline.

With many valuable assets, it was rather fascinating the White Sox didn’t make any trades before the deadline. The team instead held onto some of their better players in Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Melky Cabrera.

General manager Rick Hahn hinted at trade offers not being good enough, but he might have been covering up something else. Dave Williams at Barstool sports tweeted Hahn wanted start a rebuild but Kenny Williams opposed it.

The White Sox have been an utter disaster nationally this season. From the Adam LaRoche saga, to Sale cutting throwback jerseys, this team can’t catch a break. While Dave Williams’ tweet sparked a fanfare of hastily written tweets from fans, the team quickly changed course.

According to David Kaplan at CSN Chicago, the White Sox front office are 100 percent in lockstep on what to do in the offseason. This is a far cry from the earlier tweet on Wednesday.

The White Sox are in this current mess because of an egregious refusal to truly rebuild. Rebuilding this team should have began in Robin Ventura‘s first season as manager. By passing up rebuilding efforts, this team has placed itself in mediocrity that has been present for a while. 

This franchise badly needs a change in direction. Williams should not be micromanaging Hahn, and Jerry Reinsdorf has to spend more money effectively. The White Sox have spent money on far too many worthless players. Names like Jeff Keppinger, Adam Dunn, and John Danks bring back bad memories for many fans. However, Danks had an unfortunate injury that curtailed his career. 

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The White Sox can’t afford to spend on free agents that won’t pan out. They also can’t afford not to spend on free agents either. With many holes to fill in the off-season, can the front office develop cohesion and pick a direction? It’s either plug holes with effective free agents, or start over and rebuild. In order for this franchise to become relevant again, the front office has to be on the same page.