Baseball Sabermetrics: Can MSV Explain Edwin Jackson’s Longevity?

PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 17: Starting pitcher Edwin Jackson
PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 17: Starting pitcher Edwin Jackson /
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ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 15: Edwin Jackson
ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 15: Edwin Jackson /

Before I begin to wrap up, let’s look at an aspect of MSV that is not discussed in this study. If a pitcher goes 8.2 innings, yet fails to allow less than six hits and walks, it is possible for him to earn a higher score than one who throws a complete game. Here is the catch; a hurler who goes the distance would have to allow six or more hits, elevating the chance for additional runs and less dominance. Keep in mind that 0.1 innings is not a significant amount, and this stat was created for pitching dominance, bullpen protection and longevity. Sure, there are flaws to MSV, but the fact I just discussed is a safeguard against less dominance. Is it perfect no, but nothing in statistics is.

All in all, the Cubs investment in Edwin Jackson turned out to be a bad one. Magnum Start Value might even shroud the difficulties anyone associated with that organization endured for Jackson’s performance, but one thing is for sure. When he is right (qualified for a Magnum Start nine of 30 times with the White Sox), it seems as though Jackson is worth the gamble. On the flip side, a bad stretch of Jackson could be replaced by minor league depth (most of his 2014 season), however it is his talent that kept executives ambivalent while evaluating him. What did that feeling reward Jackson with? An MLB career that began in 2003 and is still ongoing in 2017.

So, Jackson may have been awful with the North Siders, but his baseball longevity has been anything but. Espstein would have liked him to produce better, however he has had a wealth of positive results in his time as a front office man. Every executive would love to have some moves back, and this is probably one of Epstein’s. I will perform more studies over the coming weeks, of varying length and player talent. Stay tuned, more to come.