Sabermetrics: Analysis of Danks, Floyd Through Magnum Start Value

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 05: Starting pitcher John Danks
CHICAGO - OCTOBER 05: Starting pitcher John Danks /
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CHICAGO – JUNE 20: Starting pitcher John Danks
CHICAGO – JUNE 20: Starting pitcher John Danks /

With that said, it is time to introduce each category. First, I will begin by discussing those that analyze yearly performance. They will have the titles Minima Yearly Percentage (MYP), Median Percentage Yearly (MPY), and Yearly Premium Percentage (YPP). In case you are not familiar with the word “minima”, it is plural for minimum.

Just as with YMT and YMA, the aforementioned statistics will have a sister category that can be analyzed monthly. I am going to use the same exact terminology as before, inasmuch that it’s verbiage won’t be alerted. Keep in mind that I am going to list them from lowest to highest, and it should be easy to comprehend if you understand one iota of these words meaning.

Moving on to the actual terms, they are Monthly Minima Percentage (MMP), Median Percentage Monthly (MPM), and Monthly Premium Percentage (MPP). This is not the only portion of the article that they’re listed in a lowest to highest order, I also did so when divulging the yearly titles.

The final addition to MSV before I probe the actual study is twofold. In order to completely evaluate YMP, it is necessary to chart the percentages a pitcher’s Magnum Starts within themselves. While the previously added statistics are measured against all of his starts (month or year), these percentages will only be calculated into those that qualify as a Magnum Start (must find results of all three-month or year).

Without any more discussion here are the terms. First, to evaluate an entire season the term is MY-Dot and secondly, the monthly stat would be titled MO-Dot. To give some background on the verbiage, MY-Dot comes from Magnum Yearly Percentage, which I am replacing with a decimal hence the dot. The second term is MO-DOT, and has a combination of Magnum and Monthly along with the decimal aspect of it.

While those terms may have “dot” in them, their value will be written in percentages. This may have all been a lot to digest and understand, so do you think it is time for the study to begin? Me too!