White Sox front office continues to irritate and anger fans

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 12: Ozzie Guillen
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 12: Ozzie Guillen /

The latest comments from Kenny Williams just show the front office is out of touch with the White Sox fan base.

In an interview of White Sox Vice President Ken Williams by Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday, it became more obvious the front office either think that Sox fans are stupid, ignorant or just willing to buy into everything they say.

The comments that really seem to show how out of touch they are focused on him still being shocked that the team is being looked at as cheap. He continued the company line of “we had the better per year value and he could have made more with us if he had just stayed healthy.” It doesn’t seem to lock into these guys that guaranteed money is better than possible money. This fact would seem to indicate that perhaps it’s the front office that is either stupid, ignorant or gullible.

Without going into detail rehashing this whole entire debacle, here’s what we know. For a year and a half, we were told that the money would be there when it was time to spend. That ultimately was a lie. From reports out there, the only reason the San Diego Padres even got into the bidding was that they saw how little the White Sox were offering. Once the Padres saw the Sox offering less than what Manny Machado asked for, they jumped in with both feet.

This isn’t only on Williams, of course, as Rick Hahn has toed the same company line in interviews since the disaster. They have both stated that they didn’t feel comfortable going higher than they did because in five to seven years they’ll have to pay their own players to keep them.

That, of course, is contingent on every one of their top prospects making it big. Most understand that hoping for prospects is not a great plan. But, it seems to be their only plan. Sure, they could get lucky and it works out. But, at some point, you’re gonna need to add to your core with talent from outside the organization.

The Philadelphia Phillies just signed Bryce Harper for less than Machado, at least per year, and guaranteed him $330 million over 13 years. The question out there is why weren’t the Sox in this? I’ll answer that question with three words. Cheapskate Jerry Reinsdorf.

The Phillies also stated they sold close to 300,000 tickets before and after the signing with many more to follow. You don’t think that the fan base is excited? How nice it must be to have an ownership group that actually cares about winning and their fans. Sure, Reinsdorf wants to win, but only at a discount price. And as with his other team in town, his front office seems to have jobs for life, no matter how well they perform.

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If Sox fans see the advantage in signing a future Hall of Famer in their prime, as well as other owners, why can’t our front office? Sox fans deserve better. It just doesn’t seem like the front office gets it, and that’s the real shame.