Chicago White Sox: Ryan Goins has been awesome

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have been unfortunate in the second half with some injuries and they don’t have good depth right now, but one player has stood out.

The Chicago White Sox are an organization loaded with prospects and young players to boast about. They had a good first half due to some of those young players making some awesome contributions to help them win. Some injuries and ugly play allowed them to slip out of the wild card race and likely permanently.

An injury to Tim Anderson caused the Sox to call up Ryan Goins from AAA Charlotte. This isn’t the type of call up that the White Sox have been used to making in recent years but it has been one that is pretty fun to watch on the field. Goins is a 31-year-old infielder that has had a decent Major League career over a six-year span going into the year.

He earned himself a spot in the Triple-A All-Atar Game representing the Charlotte Knights and the White Sox. His play has earned him the call up to replace Anderson and he has earned the right to stay for the rest of the season. He might not, that is managements decision, but he deserves to. He is still there after Anderson has come back but Yoan Moncada went down in the same day that Anderson returned. Hopefully, the White Sox keep him up even when Moncada comes back. He would likely be the best option at DH for the rest of the season.

He is slashing .291/.409/.491 in 18 games for the White Sox. That is a small sample size and the numbers are all well above his career averages but as long as he plays well, he deserves to stay. In 55 at-bats he has two home runs and 5 RBIs (in a non-power hitting role) and a .900 OPS. These are great numbers for a guy who was in the minors all season after playing some years at the MLB level.

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He is not a long term solution on this team, but until all of the long term solutions are there and this team has really good depth, he deserves to stick around and be a part of this. Cut bait with him when there is no longer room because people much better are ready, but until then his .291 batting average can be of great use.