Chicago White Sox: Early offseason to do list for management

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are facing an extremely important offseason this winter and it is pivotal that they get a few things done right away.

The Chicago White Sox are officially in their offseason. The Division Series’ are starting to get really spicy in both the American and National League and the White Sox are watching from home after the third year of the rebuild. They are currently debating what they need in order for that to be them in the playoffs instead. There are many key areas of the team that need help and it is up to the management team to figure that out.

They should start off by watching the current postseason and try to decide what gives those teams an advantage over the rest of the league besides having more talent. It probably starts with the number of employees in the analytics department. Most of the remaining teams use a lot of their resources in that area and the results show on the field. Being well educated about different game situations and numbers can really go a long way in helping you win. Knowing yourself and the opposition is a great baseline for a game plan.

Jose Abreu has been the most consistent player in the organization for over half a decade. He is on an expired contract now after his best year in the Majors. He led the entire American League in RBIs and was just a monster at the plate this year. Getting him resigned this offseason is a must for Rick Hahn and the Chicago White Sox.

Next is positional needs. The White Sox are in desperate need of a centerfielder. second baseman, right fielder, designated hitter, front end relievers, and starting pitching. They hope to have second-base and centerfield filled out with prospects Nick Madrigal and Luis Robert so that could be the best way to deal with that problem. Then they should look at free agency to fill out the aforementioned parts of the diamond to fill in. They saved a lot of money with the way the last offseason went and now they have it all to try and spend again.

Last is execution and development. March will be here before you know it and they are hopefully going to be a vastly improved roster by that time. They also are hoping that the right players will take yet another step next year. Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada are both coming off significant seasons where they were both top-three in the American League in batting average. Eloy Jimenez had an incredible rookie year and should really explode next year and beyond.

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They also have some prospects, including the previously mentioned Robert and Madrigal, to have developed by the start of next year and others that should advance through the minor league ranks. This is the most important offseason in the rebuild and they need to make sure they decide what needs to happen and make it happen.