Former White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton wins World Series

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox sent Adam Eaton to the Washington Nationals early in their rebuild and now he is officially a World Series Champion.

No Chicago White Sox fan would take back the trade that sent Adam Eaton to the Washington Nationals for Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez. It was very early in the rebuild process and a trade that both teams viewed as something that could end up being fair for both sides. The Nationals won the World Series just three seasons later and the White Sox got their potential ace while they were rebuilding. If Giolito goes on to be one of the better pitchers in the league on a good White Sox team, this will be a very even trade.

As for Eaton, he was a good player for the White Sox. There is a reason that the Nationals wanted him and he made the transition from Bryce Harper a little bit easier. He has been a good player for them since arriving despite some injuries. Now, he has a ring and is part of a World Series Champion team forever. That is what every player ever has always wanted to play for and Eaton got it. White Sox fans should have nothing but respect and happiness for him, as both teams are eating well after the trade.

The Nationals were pesky underdogs all year long and deserve respect for what they have been able to do. They got off to a rough start that saw them ten games out of a playoff berth at the end of May. Well, they earned a berth in the playoffs through the Wild Card, came back from behind in the Wild Card game against the Milwaukee Brewers, came back against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and won four road games in the World Series to win their first title in franchise history.

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Congratulations to the Washington Nationals on winning the World Series. They deserve it big time and their fans should be proud. Now, the White Sox are back in business as they will begin a very important offseason. Who knows, both of these teams have a few players that the White Sox might be interested in. Get ready for a big offseason on the South Side!