White Sox: Free agency is important in 2019-20 offseason

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox plan on being a good team in 2020 and some additions via free agency are important to that becoming a reality.

The Chicago White Sox are jumping into the 2019-20 offseason with similar expectations to the offseason before. They want to land some free agents that will make a difference in 2020 and help them try to get back to the playoffs. It has been over a decade since the White Sox last played in the postseason and they believe they can do it in 2020. They have already built a nice young nucleus with players like Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, Tim Anderson, and Lucas Giolito. There are others on the way to join the core like Nick Madrigal, Luis Robert, and Michael Kopech.

Now, they need to supplement all of those young guys with some veteran free agents that want to come in and win. It starts and ends with Jose Abreu. They already know what he brings to the table in the locker room and on the field so it is a no brainer to bring him back for another season and maybe more. He is a guy who can contribute 30 home runs and 100 RBIs just about every year that he is healthy. Nobody is worried about him if he is on the field, it is other areas of need that the White Sox need to look to fill this winter.

It is evident that there is a need for some starting pitching, middle of the bullpen help, a right fielder, and perhaps a few bench guys. Injuries happen and the farm system needs to be there to help them, but the White Sox are loaded with raw talent down there because they’re still in the mid phases of the rebuild. In order to come out of the rebuild. a few more of these guys need to graduate to the Majors and it looks like that will be happening this year.

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There are plenty of big names out there that can fill a position of need for the White Sox via free agency. Hopefully, they can use some of that extra money they have available to make that happen as soon as this year. The 2019-20 free agency class appears to be better right now than the 2020-21 free agency class so the White Sox would be wise to make something happen.