White Sox: Designated hitters and right fielders to target

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The White Sox are looking to fill specific spots in the lineup during this free agency season. There are a few names linked to filling those holes

Before the season ended, Chicago White Sox fans were already looking forward to the 2020 season. After general manager Rick Hahn addressed the specific needs of the team, fans and analysts alike began their speculation.

The common denominator on almost everyone’s list was J.D. Martinez. He was expected to opt-out of his contract with Boston and make himself available as a free agent. The rumors about the Red Sox wanting to fall below the luxury tax line made it seem certain that he would part ways with Boston. After reviewing the market for Martinez, many believed the South Side of Chicago was not only the best but possibly even the only destination for him. During the World Series, many were preparing for Martinez’s opt-out decision.

The announcement needed to be made before the November 4th, 11:59 p.m. deadline but the announcement never came. As of now, it seems Martinez will play for the Red Sox during the 2020 season, changing the team’s and fan’s off-season plans. So what’s next?

There is still a clear need in four positions. Among the four are the right field and designated hitter. Hahn still plans on addressing these needs despite missing out on Martinez (for the time being). He can either add a designated hitter, a right fielder or a player who can do both. But the free agency is not the only option. With the deep depth of the farm system, the team definitely has the talent to trade for the plug on the leaking boat that is the White Sox.