White Sox: Scott Boras claims free agents see them differently now

The Chicago White Sox are turning the corner and according to Scott Boras, free-agent baseball players are starting to take notice.

If you follow baseball pretty closely, you know who Scott Boras is. He is one of the biggest player agents in all of baseball. He is the agent to some of the biggest names in the sport and he deals with all 30 MLB teams to get his clients the best possible contracts. He is an important figure each offseason and he had some things to say about the Chicago White Sox.

Vinnie Dubar, who is a writer for NBC Sports Chicago, had a bunch of quotes that you can find on his Twitter. Boras had some positive things to say about the White Sox. To put it short, he said that free agents view the White Sox in a different way than they viewed them two years ago. They have improved their core very much and their rebuild is clearly working. It is good news for Sox fans to know that a high profile MLB agent feels this way about the team.

The thing now is for the White Sox to go out there and take advantage of this fact. If free agents are seeing this team as a place that would be fun to play on, management needs to go make it happen. With players like Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, Lucas Giolito, and Tim Anderson already here with some other prospects on their way up, some free agents sprinkled in would go a long way. This is a huge winter for the White Sox as they believe they are going to put a winner on the field in 2020. They need to make sure that whoever it is they bring in is the right move.

Everyone knows what positions need to be addressed. It is up to Rick Hahn and his staff to decide who it is that is the right fit to fill those positions and go make it happen. A winning baseball team is all White Sox fans want and with a guy like Boras talking them up, it could happen sooner than later.