White Sox: Three Washington Nationals players to pursue

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The Chicago White Sox might be looking at the 2019 World Series Champions for a few players to add to their team in the offseason.

The Chicago White Sox have expectations now. Their fans are not the only ones that want them to finally compete for a playoff spot. They believe as an organization that they are going to be in the mix once the 2020 season rolls around. In order for them to do that, they are going to need to have a big offseason. There is no better way to look than our nation’s capital at the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals are fresh off of winning their first-ever World Series title. They have had some long, grueling moments but they finally did it. They were in a tough spot when they were ten games out of a playoff spot at the end of May. They reached the 30 loss mark before they reached the 20 win mark. To come back from that is something special and they deserve all the credit.

They now have a solid mix of veterans and young players that all have the experience needed to win the World Series. For the White Sox, it is about getting to the playoffs at all first and the Nationals might have a few players available this offseason that would work well in Chicago.  These are all guys who now have the necessary experience needed to get the job done in the hardest moments. The other 29 teams in the big leagues should at least do their due diligence on any guy coming off a World Series win if they are planning on being competitive in 2020 themselves. These three players would look really good on the south side:

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