White Sox: Yoan Moncada needs to stay at third base

(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have their third baseman in place and they should leave him right there. There is no point in switching him out at this point.

The Chicago White Sox should never take Yoan Moncada away from third base as long as he is in the prime of his career. The switch from second base to third saw him turn into an elite hitter in one season. He was not a bust by any means because it was only one bad season (2018) but as the number one prospect in baseball, you would expect him to be a little better than that. So how does a position switch on defense make you a better hitter? There is no real answer but it does. There are guys who are good hitters but can’t DH because they aren’t cut out to do so and the same thing applies here.

The third baseman is naturally more involved in the game than the second baseman. The ball is hit to them much more so you would think that they have to be more focused. That focus could have caused Yoan Moncada to become the hitter he was projected to be. He was a good team away from being a legit contender for the American League Most Valuable Player. He had the third-best batting average in the American League with .315. He had 25 home runs, 79 RBIs, and 83 runs scored. It was a true breakout year and he is just scratching the surface of what he could become.

There is a reason to believe that he is going to be so good for the White Sox that he will be one of the team’s all-time greats one day. That right there is a good enough reason to leave him right where he is at third base. 2019 was no joke and he is officially a dark horse candidate to be an MVP in 2020. If the White Sox are a playoff team this season it will be largely helped along by great play from Yoan Moncada.

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The reason this is even a topic for debate is that there are some people who want the White Sox to target some free agents this winter. Guys like Anthony Rendon and Josh Donaldson are mentioned a lot. Those guys would be awesome additions to this team as long as they were willing to play other positions or be designated hitters. They need to keep Yoan Moncada at third base at all costs.