White Sox: Looking at the AL Central’s offseason needs

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Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins cruised to a division title in 2019. They had some heat put on them by the Cleveland Indians down the stretch but they eventually pulled away and dethroned Cleveland. They are a great team and the number one issue for the White Sox going forward. They have an interesting offseason ahead of them because they are going to be looking to basically just add what they need to have another great year in 2020.

They were defeated in the American League Division Series by the New York Yankees. It wasn’t particularly close as the Yankees made short work of them. The Twins used the home run ball to their advantage in 2019 but it wouldn’t go out for them in the playoffs. If the balls aren’t juiced in 2020 that could really hurt the Twins in their race for the top of the division.

They are going to be looking for some pieces this offseason that will help them continue to score more runs. They are also going to be looking for some pitching help as they move into next year. They know that they have the Chicago White Sox and to a lesser extent Cleveland Indians on their tale coming for them. Any opportunity they get to better their team this winter, they will.

They were probably the smartest team during the 2018-19 offseason. Instead of worrying about Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, they spent their money on lesser players but still ones who can hit home runs and contribute to wins. They might be looking to do some more of that this time around.

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This division has been weaker than the other AL divisions over the past three or four seasons but the rise of the Chicago White Sox could change that narrative going forward. Now you know what each team will be looking for the most this offseason as the White Sox look to be better than them all. It is going to be interesting to see how they all do.