Three reasons to be thankful you’re a fan of the White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox have not been the easiest team to root for over the past decade but there are still some good reasons to be thankful you do.

The Chicago White Sox haven’t been the best team during the 2010s. They didn’t make the playoffs in any of the years during the decade and the last time they did was 2008. The thing is, the future is very bright. They are going to be very good in short order and that ugly streak is going to come to an end. They are so close after rebuilding things from the ground up. They tore their roster down to nothing and built it up with young players the right way.

With all of that said, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful that you are a White Sox fan this Thanksgiving. They are there for you every April no matter what and make the summertime that much better. You can always count on being able to go to the ballpark and watch them on television when they are away. You probably have friends and family members that also love baseball so it brings us all together. When the All-Star break comes around we all put our allegiances aside for a few days and just celebrate the game.

There is no doubt that rooting for this team can be complicated but they have a deep rich history that you should be grateful for. They play in a big city that you can watch them play in and have things to do before and after the games. This is a fun organization to be involved with and there are three major reasons to be thankful you root for the Chicago White Sox: