Three reasons to be thankful you’re a fan of the White Sox

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Chicago White Sox Jose Abreu
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The Future

The Chicago White Sox have one of the brightest futures of any team in Major League Baseball. They have been bad on the field by design for the last few seasons but their baseball operations have been far from bad during that time. They traded away all of the top talents on their roster in 2016 and 2017 to acquire prospects and be bad enough to get some top five picks. They have been successful in doing that and it is all starting to come together.

They have put together a core of guys like Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, Tim Anderson, and Lucas Giolito amongst others. They are clearly on the rise so they believe that the corner will be turned in 2020. They still need to have a big offseason but sustained success is in the near future for the Chicago White Sox. They have already had a busy offseason and are not done.

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Any team that is on the right track or in the middle of a sustained run of winning should have fans that are thankful. There are a lot of teams in all sports that are horribly run and are clearly going nowhere but that is not the White Sox. Spring Training can’t come fast enough and White Sox fans haven’t been feeling this way in a really long time.