White Sox: Five Players to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

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The Chicago White Sox have built up a really nice team through their rebuild and there are five players, in particular, to be thankful for.

The Chicago White Sox are coming up on a long term period of sustained success. They did it by rebuilding the team from the ground up. They traded away Chris Sale in the middle of his prime for some prospects and the rebuild was off. They knew that some very tough years were ahead for them and they were right as they were pretty bad for three years.

Over the last three seasons, they were a really bad team that was routinely at the bottom of the American League standings. They used some high draft picks on some really good players and will undoubtedly use them in the near future to be a big part of the success. For right now, they are just focused on having a good offseason and turning the corner in 2020. If they play their cards right and get what they need, there is a good chance that will happen.

The White Sox have been far behind the Chicago Cubs in terms of relevance in the city but times are changing. The Cubs won the World Series in 2016 and everyone you bump into seems to be a Cubs fan but that is all about to change. The White Sox have put together a great young core and they are ready to win.

Today is Thanksgiving, and there are plenty of reasons to be thankful. The White Sox have some great players who are going to do great things in this league. There are five players in particular that White Sox fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving: