FanSided 250: Being the underdog in Chicago is a good thing

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox might not be as big as the Chicago Cubs even if they won five straight World Series titles and that is a good thing.

The Chicago White Sox are never going to be as popular as the Chicago Cubs in this city. It is a shame sometimes but it just is the way it is. The White Sox could win the World Series year after year and the Cubs would still have more fans because of generations passing down different fan hoods. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter. In fact, you can claim that it is a good thing. This could all work in the White Sox favor real soon if they play their cards right.

The White Sox came in at 183 out of 250 on the FanSided 250 list! That is good for eleventh out of the 30 MLB teams. That is not bad for being the little brother team in Chicago. The Cubs came in at number 40 out of 250 and second in all of baseball. That’s right, only the New York Yankees have a higher ranking amongst baseball teams than the Cubs. They are 143 places ahead of the Cubs. The list has more than just sports on there as fandoms of all forms of entertainment are represented.

The White Sox being less popular than the Cubs might be a good thing. There is less pressure on them by Chicago media so they are allowed to fly under the radar more. The Cubs have been good for about half a decade now but they have backed themselves into a corner with their payroll. Their reign as the best team in Chicago is coming to an end because the White Sox are on the rise while they are on the decline. They have rumors of trading some great players surrounding them so you never know who is going to be on the field for them in 2020.

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It isn’t important for us fans to surpass the Cubs fans on a list like this in the end. What matters is that we have a better baseball team to cheer for on the field. That might be coming sooner than later. It is nice to see us White Sox fans have some recognition on this list at all.