FanSided 250: How the White Sox can become the best in the AL Central

(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox were given a respectful rating on Fasided 250 but the question is how do they become the top team in the AL Central?

The Chicago White Sox and their fans are being respected by the FanSided 250 list! This list has put together a ranking from 1-250 of all the different fandoms of entertainment. The White Sox fans came in at number 183 out of 250. That is eleventh amongst MLB teams. Not too shabby for a team that is considered the “little brother” in a big city.

This is the second-best ranking of any team in the American League Central Division. They only trail the Cleveland Indians who came in 144th place and eighth amongst Major League Baseball teams. The White Sox have some work to do if they were to ever get past the Indians in a future FanSided 250 list. There are a few things they could do that would help them in that cause.

The first thing is winning. The Indians just missed making the playoffs in 2019 but that is the first time they weren’t AL Central Champions in multiple years. They have been the favorite in the division for a long time but their reign is almost over. The White Sox play in the biggest market amongst the five teams in the division so they have plenty of opportunities to gain some ground here on this list.

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The Minnesota Twins won the division and they were still below the White Sox. The Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals are both rebuilding baseball teams so they are likely not going to gain more attention than the White Sox for a long time either. This is good news for the White Sox because popularity almost always correlates with winning. The White Sox plan on doing a lot of that in the near future so this list of fandoms is encouraging. For a team that has been pretty bad for a long time to be this high on this fandom rankings list is impressive. Hopefully, they can be atop the Central Division in more ways than one really soon.