FanSided 250: Playoff appearances will raise White Sox fans

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /

FanSided 250 is proof that the White Sox has good fans no matter what but the playoffs would really go a long way in their ranking.

The Chicago White Sox have a great fanbase. They may never be as big as that of the Chicago Cubs in the city but relative to the rest of Major League baseball it is a solid group. On the FanSided 250 list Sox fans came in at number 183 which is the eleventh best in all of the MLB. That is not bad for a team that doesn’t always sell out when the team is horrible. They will always have a strong presence online no matter how good they are because there are a lot of people who love them.

So if they have this good of a fanbase when they are bad, how good will this fan group be when the team is good? The answer is simple, they will be even better. They might never reach the apex of the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, or Boston Red Sox anytime soon but they can definitely be in the top ten and atop the fans in the American League Central. This would all happen if the White Sox get back to the playoffs.

If you remember their 2005 World Series victory or the 2008 Blackout game, you remember that the crowds were electric on the South Side of Chicago. This team is beloved by its fans and when they have something to cheer about they are a noticeable group. The team might be closer to this level of success than people who don’t pay close attention may realize. They believe 2020 is the year that they are going to be a good baseball team for the first time in a long time.

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For that to happen they still need a few more things to fall their way over the winter. If they are successful at adding one or two more impact pieces during that time then this should be a really fun year ahead. Nobody expects them to win the World Series right away, but major improvement is needed soon.