White Sox: Reasons Dallas Keuchel would be a great fit

The Chicago White Sox need pitching and everybody knows it. Adding Dallas Keuqchel would be a great addition to this team.

The Chicago White Sox need one more starting pitcher really bad. They have Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dylan Cease in the fold. They also just added starter Gio Gonzalez to the mix a few days ago. They also have Michael Kopech and Carlos Rodon coming back from Tommy John surgery at some point. They are both very good but should probably be eased into the rotation as the year goes on. Adding one more starter to the mix for depth in case of injury or underperformance would be a really good idea.

One guy who appears to be in the conversation for this role with the White Sox is Dallas Keuchel. There are a lot of reports out there that his camp is in conversations with lots of teams and the Sox are one of them. That would be a really smart move for the White Sox as they look for a high-end starter to add to the rotation.

He would come in and be either the number two or number three starter. Lucas Giolito is the ace and will likely be the opening day starter. Then there is Michael Kopech and Dylan Cease who have the next highest ceilings. Each of them is looking to take that next step in the same way that Giolito did in 2019. Depending on how they do will determine where Keuchel slots in. One thing that is for sure if they add Dallas Keuchel would be that they are getting just a solid starter to help balance everything out.

Dallas Keuchel won the World Series in 2017 with the Houston Astros. He also won the Cy Young in 2015 with them and was an all-star twice. He spent the first seven years of his career with Houston before becoming an Atlanta Braves pitcher halfway through the 2019 season. His first year with the Braves saw a four year Gold Glove award-winning streak come to an end but there is still no doubt that he is a great defensive pitcher.

Keuchel didn’t get into Atlanta until June. He didn’t get a Spring Training because he wasn’t able to reach a deal with anyone until he ended up with the Braves. It wasn’t the best year of his career but it wasn’t completely awful either. He had a 2.0 WAR, 3.75 ERA, and a 1.367 WHIP in 19 starts. He also had an 8-8 record in those 19 starts. It will be interesting to see how he does with a new team if he gets a normal offseason and Spring Training.

Hopefully, the White Sox are able to reel in a great starter either via free agency or trade. Keuchel would be a great fit because he brings character, experience, and leadership to a team that desperately needs that stuff on the mound. This is a team that has a lot of great hitters that will produce lots of runs. They need pitching to compliment that and adding Keuchel would really help.