White Sox: Five best players of the 2010s

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The Chicago White Sox didn’t really have that good of a decade at all but there is no doubt that some good players played for them during that time.

The Chicago White Sox didn’t have that much fun as a whole during the 2010s. They were a bad team for the majority of the decade. They didn’t make the playoffs in any of the years and 2012 was the only year that they finished over .500. They had some of the players from the glory days in 2005 on the roster at the beginning of the decade. It never really worked out beyond those years in the mid-late 2000s.

Just because the White Sox didn’t really have any good years on the field in the 2010s doesn’t mean that they didn’t have any great players. They really did have guys come in that made a positive impact on the field. They have always been a fun team to root for during the decade but they never got the results that they wanted. A White Sox fan is always going to root for their players because sharing the city with another Major League team makes it that much more competitive but we want our guys to be better.

There have been some great players at all different positions over the years. There have only been a few elite players that you would put amongst the best in the league but there were definitely some all-star caliber players for sure. Hopefully, this list will be loaded with some much more difficult decisions after the 2020s are over but this list isn’t half bad at all. There might even be a Hall of Famer or two on this list as well. These are the top five best players to play for the White Sox in the 2010s: