Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to keep Rick Renteria

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Chicago White Sox Rick Renteria
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The Chicago White Sox are going into a year with expectations and they should be putting their faith in Rick Renteria for now.

The Chicago White Sox are finally going into a season with some expectations. When they traded Chris Sale on December 6th, 2016 they knew that there were going to be some tough times ahead. There were some tough times indeed. They were not competitive one bit since they decided to rebuild but it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. They were a little better in 2019 which is why some solid additions this winter makes 2020 look sweet.

There is a nice young core in place with some added veterans along with the expectations of a few great prospects coming in. Some really smart baseball people see the White Sox as a team that can compete for the playoffs in 2020. They play in a weak division that they will finish no lower than third but also could potentially win. Times are good for White Sox fans. If they are not a World Series contender quite yet, there is little doubt that they will be in short order. All across Chicago, are fans of the White Sox who haven’t seen a winner on the south side in a long time so hopefully that time has arrived.

The thing is, Rick Renteria has drawn some criticisms over the years as White Sox manager. There are some fans who want him to remain and there are some who want him gone. The thing is, he deserves his chance to coach this team while they are a winner. There are three really good reasons to keep Rick Renteria as the manager of the Chicago White Sox: