Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to keep Rick Renteria

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Chicago White Sox Rick Renteria
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1. Finally a good roster

The Chicago White Sox have been bad during Rick Renteria’s entire White Sox tenure. They were a team that failed at trying to be good because they were a top-heavy team during Rick’s tenure. Then, general manager Rick Hahn was forced to execute a true rebuild of the team. He traded away 99 percent of the team that had any talent for prospects. He did a very good job but the talent on the Major League field was scarce for a few years.

It is not Renteria’s fault that it was a bad roster for most of his tenure. He deserves the chance to come in this year and show what he can do with a roster that is good enough to compete. If the White Sox don’t improve under him with this roster then they can move on from Renteria. If they do improve under him, then there is no reason to fire him.

There are no coaches on the market that are that “must-have” superstar coach. Therefore, they have every reason to let Rick Renteria show what he can do. He now will have guys like Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, and Eloy Jimenez leading the way for a long time if they play their cards right. This has the potential to be good with Rick Renteria at the helm if only he is given a chance.